The part of the site where I refer products I use myself or have a passion for.  Of course most of these will result in a discount for yourself and maybe a little kickback for myself.  


Monzo is one of the leading digital only banks and was recently voted the most secure bank!


Sign up to a contract with Three and receive a £25 Amazon Gift Card


Curve is a great system where you can link all your cards to one physical card. Switch between your accounts and credit cards in seconds via the app. Also great for managing business expenses!

Sign up with code RDSHQ & get £5 


Bulb is a 100% renewable energy company that offer extrememly competitive rates. If you join using the link below you (and me) will receive £50 off your bill!


This link will get you exclusive discounts like 50% off your first month or 15% off an annual subscription. It will also earn me a free month.

If you book and stay at any hotel, apartment etc through this link, we will both get £15.

Highland Titles

Fancy legally calling yourself Lord or Lady? Follow the link below to own your own peice of Scotland to earn the title with 15% off


I currently use this for smart heating throughout my house.  Really handy when its cold and you want the heating on for you coming home!

The link below will get you £40 off!


Interesting concept for a mobile company.  You get money back on your next months rolling contract if you dont use all of your alloted data.  

Link below will get you your first month free and a £10 Amazon voucher.